About Us

Action K9 Security Ltd was established in 2011. We are a company that provides professional security personnel to clients from all sectors. Our clients can be businesses or private. We are specialized in canine security and we can deploy security dog handlers around the UK. Our staff is qualified by SIA and awarding bodies for security dog handling qualifications like BIPDT, NASDU or NTIPDU.

Our security dog handlers train every week in our training school and they are ready to deal with any situation that may occur. They are very professional and smart and are equipped with safety gear in order to be able to look after the safety of our clients.

We, Action K9 Security Ltd, provide quality not quantity and we scan our staff before we deploy them and we make sure they are fit for the job mentally and physically. We follow:

> BS7499 manned guarding services

> BS8517 security dogs

> BS7858 screening of personnel within the security industry.

Most of our team comes from ex-military, ex-police, ex-border or other agencies across Europe. Our security guards know UK legislation and we train them weekly to make sure they are confident before any deployment.

We are insured and we provide a warranty to our clients. On any new contract, we send a manager to discuss security requirements with the client to make sure that the security cover we provide is effective and complies with the terms and conditions of our insurance. We have 24/7 on-call manager who is trained to deal with any problems that can occur.

Action K9 Security can provide security cover to building sites, business parks, national parks, private residential areas, car parks, schools and many more.

We can provide security services all around southeast England, mainly in London, Kent area and surroundings.

To discuss your security needs please use our contact details.


- Construction Sites
- Street patrol or private house
- Parks, car parks
- Deposits or business parks
- Schools
- Venues
- Underground cables and rail cables

We can provide

- Guard Dogs
- Search Dogs
- Man Guarding
- Mobile Patrols

We use

- Belgian Malinois
- German Shepherd

We are here to protect you!

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